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Entrepreneurship Knows No Age Boundaries

The Restaurant - Tea & You

Exhausted with the day’s work routine, we wanted to sign off the night on a good note by having a nice & quite dinner. Since we were too tired and had an early morning flight to Delhi, we were really not in a mood to travel the distance in Bangalore.

With all that in our mind, we started hunting for the nearby restaurants in HSR Layout, Bangalore on zomato.com. It was then that I l stumbled on a uniquely named restaurant called “Tea & You”. At the first instance, it seemed that it was a tea joint.

But then I still thought of exploring them further and called up the listed number. I asked the gentleman on other side about the menu and he politely told me that they did have north Indian food on their menu.

That was it and we were there at the place in about 10 mts. time. The parking was empty and while the restaurant was on the 2nd floor, a quick look at the dark ground floor could make one feel that the restaurant was completely deserted.

To my surprise, I found that the place was buzzing with loads of energy and reminded me of our college canteen days. The crowd was dominanted by youth from NIFT and perhaps we were the odd ones out atleast at that time.

After some puzzling moments which included some waiting time at the lounge area and a small photoshoot experiment, we were able to get a table which fitted our size [i.e. the number of members]. While we were still contemplating our decision and waiting to place the order, we were gently greeted by an elderly couple who introduced themselves as the owners of the restaurant.

That was followed by a conversation which threw some interesting insights and learnings from two entreprenuer. It was quite ironic that they were very young in terms of their experience and perhaps a shade old with their age.

The restaurant had started barely a couple of months ago, but ever since its launch it’s popularity has picked up immensly. Certainly one can attribute all the common factors like the quality of food, its central location and the fact that is very close to NIFT. But, beyond these I think the initial success has been laid down by the humble and “social” attidude of its founders.

One can hardly find a restaurant where the owners are standing alongside each table for minutes, treating customers as their friends and taking their opinion in real time about the quality of the food. You would rarely come across a restaurant owner who has himself prepared the food for all customers during the initial period. You won’t find a restaurant where the owner is spending more time in the kitchen than on the cash counter.

The epic story translates into a dream when the owner tells you that he has started this business after getting retirement from his government job. It is very inspiring as the husband-wife duo is fully supported by their sons who are seasoned IT professionals with India’s top software companies.

Overall wehad a great time at Tea & You and thoroughly enjoyed the food & the conversations  and the amazing HOSPITALITY. Lastly, we requested Mr. & Mrs. Sharma for a couple of pics as I told them that I would be talking about them on my blog and social stream 🙂

Mr. K.R. Sharma - T&Y Owner

The Proud Entrepreneur Couple

If you are in Bangalore or are going to be there in the near future, I would strongly suggest that you should check out this place 🙂


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