Which feed reader do you use?

Darren Rowse had blogged sometime back to check the popular RSS Feed Readers. Here is the link to his post.

A little analysis of what the users have to say about different Feed Readers. It appears from the analysis some of the users are quite confused about their choice of RSS Feed Reader.

Google Reader
Google Reader = 578348457 bugs and its slow.

Feed Demon
I also experimented with getting one of their client side feed clients, Feed Demon. I had difficulty getting it to sync and when it did suddenly 50 of my feeds disappeared from my subscribed feeds altogether (both online and in Feed Demon) which was enough to see me quite unhappy.

I started with Bloglines, but was having some difficulties setting up the feeds I wanted to follow. I didn’t like Bloglines & Co. because the view didn’t comfort me. Reading the feeds wasn’t fun at all. I tested some online newsreaders a while back. I found that they were slower to display the feeds.

IE 7 /Outlook 2007
I dunno if it is just me or what, but I didn’t find any of you guys mentioning anything about either the new feature in IE 7 to of feed reader or in the new outlook 2007 … honestly, i don’t find either of them is sufficient to me, but I really wanna stick to one good offline reader that would work well with Windows Vista, any recommendations.

It’s all mad wavering between Pageflakes, Google, Bloglines, Newsgator, Firefox live bookmarks and Sage extension, Netvibes, even a few feeds stashed on a Yahoo page.

As it does appear almost every application has got some positives and negatives.

My choice
I’m lucky that I am not confused about my choice as I’ve been trying out i-Fetch so far and it’s been doing good since the time I’ve come to know about RSS Feed Reader.

Which one are you using ?
If you want to try i-Fetch, download it here or read more about it here.

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