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Jimdo – Pages to the People

Three guys operating from Hamburg in Germany, are giving a bit of headaches to website masters, web-designer and developers. Their cool service “Jimdo” makes designing web-pages simple.

So simple, that even a 5 year child can do it with a few mouse clicks.

The fairy tale started when the three co-founder won a Business-Plan competition with which they pocketed 20,000 USD.

Jimdo is a free to use fun package, allowing even a lay-man to design visually appealling web-pages from scratch. Jimdo allows you to integrate pictures, videos and forms and do whatver you want in a few clicks.

29 year old Matthias, Jimdo’s co-founders talks about its philosophy :

When we were looking for a name of our company it was really important to us that all domains were still available, that the name would work internationally, that it’s short easy to remember, that the name would work internationally. From our perspective, Jimdo serves all these requirements it is an artificial name and has no meaning… (it’s the name)

Contrary to the popular belief, Jimdo is a new concept as it has never been so easy and beautiful to create and publish an own website with Jimdo.

Its three main advantages are:

1. It’s that easy to handle that it’s fun.
2. The created pages look beautiful, you can highly individualize the design (freedom in design).
3. You can integrate pretty much any kind of content you’d like to integrate, the Pages are especially beautiful with pictures (freedom in content).

End-users can easily create and publish their own free website. They can highly
customize their design, add as many pages as they want, move them in submenues if necessary, can integrate pretty much any kind of content (also flickr-images, youtube-videos, bookmarks, and any other kind of widget), protect their pages with several passwords, use the newslettersystem with linktracking, check with theit statistics how many people visited their Page, etc.

Revenue flows from Advertisements and JimdoPro (the Pro-version of Jimdo). It’s a small marketing team after-all and as many other web start-ups we’re trying to deliver a first class product that the users like that much, that they’ll spread the word about it 🙂

I’m still adoring the cool service. Way to go Jimdo.



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