The Year That Was – GoodBye 2007!!

hny 2008

As the clock ticks by and the sun begins to set, 365 days of fun, excitement and experiences of all kinds are coming to and end. As 2007 fades away, all of us are looking towards 2008 with expectations in our eyes. Right from Wiki to RSS, Beacon, Marketing 2.0, to Conversations, Customers and much more.There’s so much that has happened in the divisions of technology & marketing and 2007 has seen it” all 🙂

Here’s a trick to welcome the new year with a bang 🙂 For each one of us, a good idea would be to take a look back at the year that’s passing by and see the highs & lows, ups & downs. The near misses, the learnings which would make me & you better and more responsible towards everything. And

On a personal note, it has been a pretty good year for me as I’ve had so much to learn from my environment and I must humbly admit that I am still learning. I’ve been associated with some of the wise-men and have learnt from them, their conversations and their experiences and am still learning.

Here’s wishing all of you a great 2008 ! Enjoy and have fun 🙂

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