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Last few weeks have been really hectic 🙂 I’ve been trying to balance work to write a few more-posts. Pls read a few interesting links in the mean time.

  • Meikah shares a great quote on Customer Service in her blog post. Check it out here
  • My friend Sampad talks about Social Media and how it may save our lives. Read Sampad’s post here
  • Sunaina has an interesting post about Delhi’s bookstores
  • Apu is moving to a new domain. Lots of other interesting stuff that she’s planning. Read it here
  • Friend and customer-experience advocate Becky has talked about the Customer Service is the New Marketing event which is taking place in San Francisco, CA on Monday, February 4 – 2008. Read about that here


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4 responses to “Keep Reading

  1. Hey Thanks for mentioning my post.


  2. Hi, Daksh! Thank you for the link. I very well know the frenzy of managing work and blogging. Let’s hope we can strike the balance as it has been a fun ride ever since. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Daksh, for the mention!

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