SMTP Settings in MediaWiki

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A Wiki without an email feature is like a ‘car’ without ‘fuel’. For configuring the email functions in MediaWiki you need to ensure that the SMTP settings are right.

php.ini file

[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = // your mail server ip address here
smtp_port = // your smtp port. Default port is 25

; For Win32 only.
sendmail_from = enter the email address from which you want to send admin emails

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
date.timezone = //set this to a specific time-zone for e.g. ‘Europe/London’

Sendmail.ini file

;auth_username= //give your user-name here and remove the ‘;’
;auth_password= // give your password here and remove the ‘;’

LocalSettings.php file

$wgEmergencyContact = “” //enter email account here ;
$wgPasswordSender = “” //enter email account here ;

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  1. Olivia

    Do not panik! , <a href=”

  2. Kent

    What is it? , <a href=”

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