Startup Life: Diary of a First Generation Entrepreneur

‘Oh shit..’ came the voice from the other room. In a whisker, I stood up and went to the working area in the cabin outside only to find out that the predictable had happened.

The ‘2’ desktop computers had re-booted again. Apparently, the electricity had gone off and for some reason our UPS (Un-interrupted Power Supplywas not behaving the way it was supposed to be. Needless to say one of the employees was unhappy as everytime she was in the middle of something important, the ‘desktop’ was ditching her.

Bewildered and bit unhappy with the sequence of events in the day we were looking at the desktops and were wondering what to do. Sunny was scratching his head and so was I !!

Well aware of the challenges of operating in a commercial area in the vicinity of ‘Noida’, we thought we had the backup system in place and were not sure what was causing these machines to re-boot. Desparate for a solution, we checked the system for overload, moved one of the laptops to direct power, checked the electricity voltage for any fluctuations but everything seemed ok. Offcourse, like any customer would do in this case we called our vendor to check the possible problems with our power backup solution. Like most service providers do, he promised and we waited impatiently for him only for the day to end on a note where we were not sure what the situation would be on the next day.

Journey.. of Life (Credit: Mita Majumdar)

People were giving different advices, somebody said it is time for you to upgrade your power backup solution and someone said there is problem with your power backup solution and the same needs to be fixed by your vendor.

In our mind, we knew that was just one of those days when we as drivers of the startup car were being tested. It was just one of those small roadblocks that had hit us in our journey. One of those days were god was testing us, our spirits, our patience and our courage. It was also an indication of future challenges to come.

As Sunny, put(s) it “World changes upside down when seen from the eyes of an employer”.

Rewind a little bit and coming back from the days when we had quit our jobs to do something different, something has changed and that something is LIFE 🙂

Happy Team

Here is one word which still looks the same but appears very different. ‘Responsibility’ – Today it is not just about us, it is about the people along with us in this boat, their career, their likes and about their happiness. As we know these will be the jewels who will be the CRUX of this organization. The key elements of our core team who will take the ‘BRAND’ to a new level !!

Allright, this is it for now as I head towards a long drive to the office with questions in my mind !!


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10 responses to “Startup Life: Diary of a First Generation Entrepreneur

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  2. You discover one thing daily. Thanks for sharing.

  3. desktop computers with Intel i5 cores are the best because they are very very fast and great for multitasking ~:”

  4. Every problem comes with a solution in it, we need to be ready for challenges in startups.

  5. As I always believe- if there is a problem, there will be a solution and solution = Progress.

  6. Hey daksh,

    These are the basic problems in a startup… don’t worry the things will go fine soon…
    All the best!!!

  7. Amazing!! As they say “Nothing succeeds like SUCCESS” and you personify it….Way to go Daksh!!!

  8. delhizen

    all the best Daksh!I know one thing.. you will the best in whatever u do…

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  10. Good one Daksh.

    I know it really gets tough sometime to handle these overheads but it is exciting… isn’t? and I think that is why we have climbed our way to entrepreneurship.

    Every night while sleeping, or every morning as we get up, there are numerous things running in mind striving for the solutions…

    I am loving it 🙂

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