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The Indian e-commerce space is very competitive and there are a bunch of online classifieds portals and apps out there. One of the most popular portals doing big is which is pushing forward the concept of ‘Make Your Phone a Sell Phone’. I quite like the ‘O Womaniya’ tv ad which highlights how you can use your OLX Mobile App to sell all the stuff at your home that you don’t need. is backed by Nasper and judging by the latest reports the classifieds portal is growing very fast. According to an article on, the website traffic has grown 55 times during the last 22 months. Considering that the article was written during August 2013, I won’t be surprised if the numbers are far more astounding by now.

I downloaded OLX Classifieds in Apple Store and the app has a very smooth experience which makes it simple for the users to post their ads on the portal. I quite liked the idea of a mobile app as you anyways need to take pictures of objects you want to sell (from your old Refrigerator to the music system at your home). The mobile app actually cuts down all the hassles of transferring pictures from your mobile to your desktop/laptop.

In simple steps your Ad goes live right from your mobile phone and enquiry calls start coming within minutes 🙂

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Here’s what I liked about the OLX mobile app:

  • The OLX app is GPS enabled and picks your location once you download the app
  • App is lightweight and comes with an intuitive clean UI
  • The colourful icons make the user experience very rich
  • The navigation is seamless making the product search very simple
  • For any listing that you like, you can directly ‘Call’ the poster of Ad
  • While posting an add, you have an option of adding upto 4 pictures right up from your cellphone
  • Around Me Feature: Want to see what’s being sold around you? Check out the Around Me tab 🙂

Not on iOS? OLX application is available across devices and on Android, BlackBerry, Amazon app stores as well. More about that here.




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HTC S710: A Beauty

A geek buyer to a shop-keeper – ”Hey, I am looking to buy a Smartphone”.

Shopkeeper – Great, Sir! Check out this one, it has got a stylus, a huge screen-size and what not and what-not!!

Buyer – Well I am looking out for something which should have Windows 6.0 version, a WiFi support, should have a minimum screen-size of 2.4 inches, possibly have a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, a qwerty keyboard, some gigs of expandable memory and my budget, well it is not more than 15K.

Shopkeeper – Sir, check out this one then. It doesn’t have a stylus, its got a qwerty keyboard and is quite cool. I must say its fulfills most if not all the features you’re looking out for. (the shop-keeper uses all his experience to market the cellphone)

Buyer – Ah.. looks quite cool. How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper – Price slightly higher than 15k it costs 19k bucks.

Buyer – 19k ? No, I don’t think I have my budget fits it at this stage. I really cannot stretch beyond 15k. Thats the upper-cut for me 🙂

Shopkeeper – Ok, there’s one option still remaining. Its the cool HTC S710. Its fits your budget and its a true marvel Sir 🙂

Image via Anand’s Blog

  • Large 2.4” QVGA TFT LCD display (Portrait and Landscape modes)
  • Windows Live™
  • Auto-sliding QWERTY keyboard for easier typing and much more..
  • The customer had already conducted his research, spoken with his opinion leaders, had set his budget and most importantly set his expectations right 🙂

    What next? His HTC S710 is into its third-day and today he’s blogging about it from the phone itself 😉


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