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OSSCamp Summer Edition

Osscamp150 OSSCamp Summer Edition is scheduled for tomorrow in Lodi Road, June 21st 2008. OSS Camp is a platform for promoting Open Source Projects from India. In this single day event, campers from across the world will come together to discuss FOSS and FOSS development in India.


S.No. Name Topic Abstract
1 Sonali Minocha MySQL Optimization
2 Kinshuk Sunil Open Source Game Development A look at Tools & Technologies facilitating Indie and Open Source Game Dev
3 Vishwajeet Singh Subversion 1.5 an Insight An overview of Subversion project and capabilities of Subversion 1.5
4 Mir Nazim Introducing Python Python is a superb, general purpose programming language, being used in sys admin, web application, automation, networking etc.

complete schedule of presentations


To register for the event please click this link.


Indian Social Institute, Lodi Road Institutional Area, Behind Sai Mandir, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003. http://www.isidelhi.org.in

My friends Ravi Sagar and Kinshuk Sunil have also talked about the event on their blogs.


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