Market yourself as an individual

Long ago, somewhere in the streets of Nigeria, there used to live a young guy. This guy had passion in his soul, had dreams to achieve and ambition to fulfill. He decided to do something out of his normal course of life. He decided to leave his home country and move to a bubbling city. City of dreams, city with fast life. The pride of Europe, – the city of London.

He was crazy about technology, he knew that technology was one area he could do something. He was new to the city, people didn’t recognize him, people didn’t care to listen to him. He struggled, struggled to carve a niche for himself. He believed in god and his mentor.

He was disappointed and discussed his misery with his mentor. His mentor encouraged and enlightened him by his words of wisdom. He gave him the “mantra” for success. This guy realized the value of a new concept. Wise men refer/referred to this concept as marketing . The world had moved and so had technology. He had reached a point where he could use “internet” as an evolutionary and emerging concept to tell the world about himself. He could tell the whole world know about his skills and he started gauging with this audience through blogs. People discovered this guy, started valuing his opinions and discovered that this guy could actually make their world a much better place to live. People came to his small world and started doing different things and created web directory and online shopping paradises.

This guy is a geek now, a geek who is on his quest to make lives of individuals like me better. He’s the guy who has been generous enough to gift me a domain. This chap from Nigeria who has made a name for himself in London is Temi.

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5 responses to “Market yourself as an individual

  1. I highly appreciate your writing skills. Do u mind giving tutoring me ? 🙂

  2. Thats so sweet.
    The way you wrote it.
    And congrats- now you got own domain!

  3. David

    Ah, now i understand what you meant with the gift a few days ago. Nice story.

  4. its amazing that a guy from country like Nigeria can do such thing.
    and he gifted u a domain??
    thats gr8…

  5. is he in the picture???

    nice way to put it???

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