Pune sojourns

I’m back from Pune. As it always happens during these months, it was raining and the weather was great, blankets were out – yeah they’re. I was glad to catch up with buddies who had come in from all parts of the globe for the Convocation. Some thoughts from the very brief conversation(s) I had with my buddies about their experience(s)

  • Compared to techie MBAs the marketing dudes have made quick hops and have shuffled their organizations.
  • Majority of the guys believe that the single most important factor for job shift is “money” and it is followed by “job satisfaction”.
  • Most of the guys believe that stability is vital but is at par with fat salaries.
  • Many guys expressed their interest in entrepreneurial ventures at some point of time in their careers.
  • Guys with international placements expressed their disappointment over heavy tax cuts on their salary packages.


  • Majority of the guys expressed satisfaction with their current status. Although some of the said they’re not overjoyed with their salary packages but the very own fact that they had a thing or two to learn from their company was keeping the momentum going.

  • Out of 10 almost 7 guys have switched to a new company within the first 6 months.
  • From the entire batch only 10% of guys have stuck with their parent company.

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