Questions which make you think ..

An interesting set-up, I was trying to explain to a 35 year old man, the concept of blogging. I admit I was trying to drive him towards the background by talking about the philosophy and addressing the conversational aspects attached to it.

The only glitch – He was deep into the philosophy of blogs too.

I would like to understand from you guys why do you Blog ? I’m sure different people would have different thoughts , but that’s what I am trying to ask you what for you is the sheer essence of blogging ?

  • Is it because your heart tells you to do so ?
  • Is it because you think it is a craze ?
  • Is it because, you’ve an opinion too ?
  • Is it because you want to communicate a message to others?
  • Is it because you believe direct marketing is dead/days of one-way conversations where the marketer shouts, shouts and shouts.. are over?

Its such a good feeling when people make you think right down to the core.



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5 responses to “Questions which make you think ..

  1. nitish

    i have a problem 721 error

  2. Thanks Anu, Mellowdrama and Paavani for sharing your thoughts.

    Your kind words are much appreciated !

  3. Anu

    My blog is a vent for me. Its my need.
    Sometimes when my thoughts overburden me, i just write them down. It makes me feel light.
    I dont hold much authority to comment as I am new in the world of blogging..but still this is what i think.

  4. I think it is really more of looking for a connection, finding likeminded people or generally sharing what you have been reading/watching…but i guess I am the wrong person to be commenting, am awfully lazy when it comes to blogging, my muse strikes me at night and chances are I aint dragging myself outta my bed to blog:)

  5. An urge to express ownself. A place to put thoughts. A way to get criticized.
    What else.
    BLOG! 🙂

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