Social Technographics Ladder

Authors of new book groundswell, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff have talked about Forrester’s Social Technographics® where the consumers have been classified into six overlapping levels of participation. (Ref: Groundswell – Profile Tool)

The consumers have been assigned roles on the basis of what they do (their activities) in the web-space or more appropriately the ‘social space’.

Social Technographics

(Image Credits: Groundswell)

Creators: (रचनाकार) – Create content (by publishing a weblog or through a webpage)

Edit: 06/06/08 3:30 pm >> As Moksh points out creators can be classified into Basic creators and Advanced creators depending on the form of content they add-in. Whether it is pure text or a combination of text, images, video and audio. Thanks for your two cents Moksh.

Critics: (आलोचक) – Participate by giving their feedback through comments, collaborative editing (wiki) and contribution to forums.

Collectors: (कलेक्टर) Gather content through RSS and put tags to stuff like photos.

Joiners: (शामिल होने) – Present on various social networks

Edit: 06/06/08 3:30 pm >> I think the above category can also be referred by ‘Networkers’ or ‘Connectors’ which refers to those who like to connect via social networks.

Spectators: (दर्शक) Watchdogs, keep an eye on the stream of activities by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, watching videos..

Inactives: (असक्रिय) – Do not participate or observe.

For more insight on Social Technographics, go and grab your copy of groundswell now.

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6 responses to “Social Technographics Ladder

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  2. hi becky,

    thanks for dropping by ! its great to know that UC San Diego would be using it as a textbook 🙂

  3. This is a great book and will be the required textbook for my new class at UC San Diego Extension on Marketing via New Media. Thanks for highlighting it here, Daksh.

  4. daksh

    Hi Moksh,

    Nice value-add to the above post. I have put the edits in the above post. 🙂

  5. This is an good bifurcation of sorts. My feelign is that should probably divide the Creators in two parts
    1. Advanced Creators: where they are actually using audio, video, images and combination e.g. Professional photogrpahers in flickr
    2. Basic Creators: They are only using text and soem amount o fimages

    on a lighter note: we should name the Inactives like Muggles or something that they have still not started using social media.

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