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Over the course of December, I have been closely following Jacob Morgan‘s blog-posts on Social Media, emerging Enterprise 2.0 trends and the variety of issues companies face during adoption. He has been having a series of exciting conversations with industry veteran Wendy Troupe and some of the points discussed are absolutely amazing !

While I would highly recommend all the ‘5’ posts, here are some interesting pieces that I really like:

  1. “If there is no “R”, then the “I” becomes a “C” and that cost is always going to be too high.”  I think ROI should always be a consideration but I don’t think it should be the only consideration. [In a presentation by Aaron Julius Kim about ROI].
  2. A tool is much easier to adopt than a strategy.  With a tool you simply “turn it on” and see what happens.  A strategy requires a lot more work and is much more complicated.
  3. “A fool with a tool is still a fool”. [In a presentation by Aaron Julius Kim about ROI].
  4. In a small organization, the collaborative barriers are thinner and more easily overcome. In a larger organization, adoption of new methods is often stunted by ownership silos.
  5. You need to speak in terms of “supporting” rather than “changing”.  “Change” implies that people are doing things wrong.  “Support” however, implies that you recognize value of their efforts and you want to help further those efforts. [In context of strategic principles of Enterprise 2.0 implementation]

To read all the posts in this series please visit http://www.jmorganmarketing.com/

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