10 Reasons to Work for a Startup [#whyworkforstartup]

Like any typical evening, we’re busy working on our office desks. Suddenly @santoshpanda sparked of a bright initiative that led to exchange of some interesting thoughts. The channel was ‘Twitter’ and to participate you had to answer the reasons for working in a startup. The hashtag was rightly so #whyworkforstartup.

Here are ’10’ tweets captured from the minihashtag stream about this topic.

Want to discover other tweets? You can check the twitter #whyworkforstartup stream and share your bit too 🙂

#1 Santosh started with his first tweet, which was a thought shared by his colleague Prashant

#2 He was followed by Sunil Singh:

#3 Subhendu chipped in with his witty one liner

#4 Santosh followed it up with another comment from his colleague Nilesh

#5 Rahul joined the conversation with his no office politics thought

#6 Labsji aka Balaji Sowymanarayanan shared what remains as my favorite tip

#7 Sunny witnessed his twitter @reply timeline and here was his tweet:

#8 Amit came up with another gem of a tweet

#9 Nikhil shared his formula 🙂

#10 Last but not the least, Rajeev Lochan had pitched his thoughts to complete the 10.

Missed the conversation? Check out the entire twitter stream on search.twitter.com and do share your reasons for working in a startup 🙂


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2 responses to “10 Reasons to Work for a Startup [#whyworkforstartup]

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